KPT93120HBB (2m3/batch, Continuous process 120m3/hr)

The conceptual of design machine, how to make the process synchronize in all process with the shortest time. We start to design by check the time in each process to be perfect matching. We start the concept by

  • Check the timing for all process.
  • Check the timing for 1 cycle to get the concrete.
  • The cycle time start from
    • Discharge process
      • Timing of discharge aggregate from stock on top of mixer.
      • Timing of discharge cement from cement tank.
      • Timing of discharge water from water tank.

For discharge process, we can control timing of Discharge aggregate within 8-10 secs, Cement within 9-10 secs and Water within 9-10 secs. That mean we get the best matching time to be the fastest process on discharge material to mixer.

Why we have to control discharge process to be matching and the fastest? Because the mixing time is the next process will be counted after all material go to mixer. If any material discharge slower, it will make the process longer to get the concrete.

  • Mixing time. As the Standard of mixing 2m3/batch, 30 secs
  • Discharge concrete time
  • Open gates 20 secs
  • Close gate 5 sec
  • Total discharge concrete time 25 sec

After we calculated, we found that we can make the concrete 2m3/batch within Discharge aggregate (10 secs) + ( Mixing time 30 secs) + ( Discharge concrete to truck mixer 25 secs). Total process to get concrete is 55 secs, if we can load the all aggregates to stock on top of mixer within 55sec.

For weighing system, normally we loss the time for accumulate weighing. So we make the new design to separate aggregate hopper to be 2 nos with 4 compartments. So we can weighing 2 aggregate in the same time. Normally weighing process in normal machine, use the time around 40 secs. Our machine can do within 20 secs.

For convey system, normal machine has the weighing belt very long, because it has only 1 set with long belt (14 meters). For our machine, we can make 2 belts and each belt around 6.5-7meters and both of belt load in the same time to incline belt. So we can get the time for loading aggregate to incline belt in double capacity. Finally our machine use the time for convey aggregate to stock on top of mixer within 30 secs.

We get the best capacity because our weighing aggregate time (20 secs) + Convey aggregate to stock (30 secs). Total timing to make the aggregate to stock is 50 secs. That mean, we can get the aggregate on time for the next batch to produce concrete.

So the continuous process, we can do 120m3/hr with mixer 2m3/batch. If customers are interested on our product, we can lead you to see the real machine and catch the timing together before buying.

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